Jean Isaacs, L.M.T.

Massage Therapy


Reiki Massage

Pamper Yourself

Reiki Massage is a combination of Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, and Esoteric healing techniques. Client's frequently exclaim how much they enjoy this service offered by Jean Isaacs, L.M.T.


Energize Yourself

Reiki is an ancient healing method rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. Translated, Reiki means Universal Life Energy. It is a safe, powerful, natural system that unlocks the inner flows of the vital Life Force and is used as a complementary therapy for the treatment of physical, emotional, and mental diseases.

Swedish Massage

Let Go and Relax

Swedish massage is a method where the muscles, skin, and limbs of the body are manipulated using various techniques to: enhance bodily function, aid in the body's natural healing process, help reduce pain, and promote relaxation.


Advance Your Education

     Classes offered:

  • Reiki 1
  • Reiki 2
  • Reiki Mastership

Therapeutic Massage

Reduce Stress

Therapeutic Massage is a method where Jean Isaacs, LMT uses pressure on the muscles,skin and limbs of the body to enhance function, aid in the body's natural healing process, help to reduce pain, and to promote relaxation. It allows the body to relax and calms the mind to reduce stress.